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Old news messages

9/12/2004   The content on this website is only meant for reference purposes and has been archived.

8/8/2002   We have updated the preview version of Cinderella for the SHARP Zaurus SL-5000 series!

5/8/2002   Find the background article "Complexity issues in Dynamic Geometry" in the newly released book "Foundations of Computational Mathematics" (eds. Cucker, Rojas). You can get the book at Amazon.com.

3/25/2002   Have a look at our preview version for the SHARP Zaurus SL-5000 series! Run Cinderella on this exciting new pocket device!

6/29/2001   The italian version of Cinderella is published by Springer Milano. Per ordini o informazioni contattare Media Direct.

2/20/2001   Cinderella receives the German educational software award Digita2001.

11/28/2000   Cinderella received the European Academic Software Award 2000 from the European Knowledge and Media Association (EKMA).

11/24/2000   Cinderella has been nominated for the Digita2001.

10/18/2000   Cinderella was ranked #1 at the "Giga-Maus 2000" of the German magazine "Eltern for family" in the category "educational software for age 13 and older".

7/4/2000   Bryan Dye has won the MATHPLET 2000 competition with his Cinderella-based web pages on transformations!

5/31/2000   Read some Cinderella reviews in our new web section.

5/3/2000   We started again updating our tour schedule. Watch out for events in Hamilton and Vancouver, Canada, Cambridge (UK) and Tokyo, Japan (to be announced soon).

4/26/2000   Take part in MATHPLET 2000 and win a Sun workstation! Extended Deadline: May 30!

2/22/2000    Read the Cinderella review in MAA online (by Ed Sandifer)!

1/27/2000   We added two more links to our community-pages: Wilson Stothers shows conic constructions and June Lester lets you explore triangles.

1/14/2000   Starting Monday, January 17, the German school edition is available. Get it at your local bookstore or use our German order page. 11/24/1999 The price for the 30 computer license of Cinderella will be raised starting 1st of January, 2000. If you want to get Cinderella at the old price ($150+Tax), order now!

11/22/1999   Cinderella for architects: Have a look what Rainer Witt has created (German only)!

11/22/1999   The German educational software publisher HEUREKA-Klett starts to produce the German school version of Cinderella, available starting January 2000.

11/11/1999    Are you doing geometry education research? Do you want to find out what students do with geometry software? We have prepared a special version of Cinderella that logs all student activity, both in the standalone version and interactive webpages. It is available on request from teaching-research@cinderella.de.

11/8/1999   Cinderella comes to the U.S.: We will present Cinderella on the workshop "The Future of Mathematical Communication" at MSRI in Berkeley (12/1-5/1999). See the "RESEARCH - On Tour" section for more events in Switzerland, Germany and Spain.

10/27/1999   Thanks to Eduardo Lourenco Pinto Jr from Brazil and Luiz Felipe Martins from Cleveland we now have a Portuguese version of Cinderella, both "real" Portuguese and Brazilian style. Check out the Cinderella demo!

9/10/1999    Meet us at the computer fair Orbit '99 in Basel, Switzerland.

9/9/1999   The community is growing: See the community links for a list of Cinderella-powered sites!

9/7/1999   Per gli amici italiani, Cinderella é stato presentato dai prof. Giovanni Artico e Silvano Rossetto al XXVIII Seminario Nazionale del Centro U. Morin, tenutosi dal 24 al 27 Agosto presso gli Istituti Filippin di Paderno del Grappa (TV). Brevi estratti delle relazioni si trovano a questo indirizzo.

8/17/1999   A new Cinderella demo is available with support for English, German, French, Italian and Spanish, and of course several bugfixes! Thanks go to Jesus de Loera and Professore Giovanni Artico for the translations. Any volunteers for Portuguese?

6/11/1999   Several new examples have been added.

6/11/1999   Amis français: La version démo est aussi disponible en français. Merci à Daniel Amiguet pour la traduction.

6/11/1999   A new Cinderella demo is available that includes a faster Java VM and some bugfixes and support for French!

6/10/1999   Two new examples: Elevator doors and perspective drawings.


5/21/1999   Update: New cindyrun.jar --- only 384 KB and faster startup of the examples!

4/22/1999   Franco Saliola created some examples for hyperbolic geometry with Cinderella

3/22/1999   Included a new example and a link to Mathsnet with many other Cinderella constructions

3/22/1999   Included the slides of a talk given in Murten (german language)

2/17/1999   The Cinderella bookstore (in association with amazon.com) is open

2/3/1999   We put a demo-exercise on the web.

2/1/1999   The demo software now also works on MacOS 8.x!

1/31/1999   We have a new list of frequently asked questions!

1/29/1999   A Demo Download is now available!

1/26/1999   Added "RESEARCH - On Tour": When and where can you hear talks about or with Cinderella?

1/19/1999   Launch of the new Cinderella Website -- still not complete, but expect more to come!