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Frequently Asked Questions

Q0: My question is not answered here. Where can I get an answer?

A0: Just send your question to faq@cinderella.de, and we will try to help.

1 Platforms (Standalone)

Q1.1: Which operating systems can I use for Cinderella?

A1.1: Cinderella should run under every operating system that has a Java-1.1 port. This includes Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/CE, Sun Solaris (Sparc), Linux, Mac OS 9, Mac OS X, IBM AIX, HP/UX and many others. For a list of Java-1.1 ports see Javasoft's website. If you have trouble running Cinderella on Windows XP, please refer to Question 4.6.

Q1.2: Does Cinderella run on MacOS?

A1.2: Yes, provided you have MacOS 7.6.1 or newer. versions.

Q1.2b: Does Cinderella run on Mac OS X?

A1.2b: Yes, but we do not ship an installer for OS X yet. See also Question 4.7. By the way, we have switched our development environment from Linux to Mac OS X.

Q1.3: How can I know that Cinderella works on my computer?

A1.3: Download an evaluation copy from our download page. If this runs on your computer, the regular copy will work, too.

Q1.4: Where can I get Java for my operating system?

A1.4: Please note that a suitable Java Runtime Environment for Windows 95/98/NT/2000, MacOS and Solaris (Sparc) is included in the Cinderella installer. For Linux (i386) we included a Java Runtime Environment on the Cinderella CD, or you can download it from Blackdown. For other computers please consult the list at Javasoft's website.

Q1.5: Does Cinderella run on SunOS 4.x (aka Solaris 1.x)?

A1.5: We do not know about a Java Runtime Environment for SunOS 4.x. Please upgrade to Solaris 2.x (aka SunOS 5.x).

Q1.6: Does Cinderella run on Windows 3.x?

A1.6: Although there were some efforts porting Java to Windows 3.x, we could not test whether the Java support is good enough. We recommend upgrading to Windows 95 or Linux.

Q1.7: Where can I learn more about Java?

A1.7: As a starting point we recommend the Javasoft website at http://www.javasoft.com. There you can find a good online tutorial, which is also available as a book.

Q1.8: Is Cinderella certified 100% PureTM Java?

A1.8: No. Although we are sure that Cinderella would pass the necessary tests we did not apply for certification. Cinderella does not depend on platform specific features or native code.

Q1.9: Can I (or others) use the examples exported to webpages, even if Cinderella does not run on my (their) computer?

A1.9: Probably. We did our best to support as many browsers as possible. So you should be able to view Cinderella even on platforms which are not supported with the standalone program (like SunOS 4.x. You can easily test whether your browser is Cinderella-capable by visiting our gallery. See also Q2.4 and our browser troubleshooting page.

Q1.10: Can I use the Java 2 (aka Java 1.2) Platform for Cinderella?

A1.10: Yes. See also Question 4.5 for troubleshooting Cinderella installations.

Q1.11: Can I use the Kaffe Virtual Machine?

A1.11: Unfortunately you cannot use the Kaffe Virtual Machine. We are currently investigating the problems with Kaffe.

2 Web export (Applets)

Q2.1: What do you mean by web export?

A2.1: Since Cinderella is written in Java you can embed the program into web pages, as an "applet". This means that you can view constructions and interact with them in any Java-1.1 compatible browser (see Q2.4 for a list of browsers supporting Cinderella).

Q2.2: What can be exported?

A2.2: You can create three types of applets: interactive constructions, automatic animations and constructions exercises. See our gallery for some examples.

Q2.3: Do I need to know HTML for this?

A2.3: No. The necessary HTML is created by Cinderella automatically. You can edit the pages with any HTML editor.

Q2.4: Which browsers support Cinderella?

A2.4: You can use any recent version of Netscape Navigator/Communicator (starting with 4.06), Microsoft Internet Explorer (starting with 4.01) or HotJava (starting with version 1.1.5).

Q2.5: Where can I get a Cinderella compatible browser?

A2.5: You will find Netscape 4.5 on the Cinderella CD, or download Netscape or Internet Explorer via our browser troubleshooting page.

Q2.6: Can I distribute my Cinderella-applets?

A2.6: Sure. You may distribute them freely, including the necessary runtime library (cindyrun.jar), with no charge, as long as you do not make money out of that.

Q2.7: I am a student/teacher/professor. Can I put my Cinderella-applets on the web?

A2.7: Yes, as long as you (or somebody else) do not charge a special fee for visiting your site.

Q2.8: I am unsure about the license. Where should I ask for further information?

A2.8: Write a mail to license@cinderella.de describing your needs, and we will help you.

Q2.9: The applet does not show up, but I use a supporting browser. What's wrong?

A2.9: First: Be patient. The applet download might take several minutes, especially if you visit a page for the first time. If this does not help, consult our browser troubleshooting page.

3 General Questions

Q3.1: Where can I get Cinderella?

A3.1: Cinderella is available from Springer-Verlag through bookstores (ISBN 3-540-14719-5), or you can order it directly from Springer or Amazon.

Q3.2: Why is Cinderella listet as back-order on Amazon?

A3.2: We don't know. According to Springer NY Cinderella is on stock and ships immediately. Please ask Springer Verlag if in doubt.

4 Installation

Q4.1: The installation silently dies on Windows -- what has happened?

A4.1: Make sure you have enough (20 MB) free disk space. The installer seems to fail silently instead of complaining about a full hard disk. Windows Me: The Microsoft Java VM on Windows Me is not compatible with our installer. Please update your Java VM by downloading and installing at least "build 3820" from http://www.microsoft.com/java/vm/dl_vm40.htm.

Q4.2: How can I install Cinderella on MacOS?

A4.2: You will need StuffIT expander for this. Change to the MacOS directory on the CD and drop install.bin into StuffIT expander. Expand to your desktop, and you will get a "install" icon that you can execute. [This only applies to version prior to V1.0, since Cinderella now comes on a hybrid CD]

Q4.3: [Unix] Install does not work from an NFS mounted volume.

A4.3: This is a known Problem with the installer software. Copy install.bin to a temporary local directory and try again.

Q4.4: [V1.2, MacOS] I bought the english version of Cinderella, but it starts in German?

A4.4: On some MacOS based systems Cinderella V1.2 starts up in German, regardless of the systems´ language settings. Download a replacement for the Cinderella application from http://www.cinderella.de/support/files/mac/Cinderella.bin and replace the original application with it to enable English and other languages.

Q4.5: Cinderella does not run on my Computer, although I know I have Java 2 installed on it [usually happens on Linux].

A4.5: Some versions of Cinderella will not run on Java 2 virtual machines, as we have disabled this due to the inferior circle drawing of Java 2. You can re-enable Java 2 usage by changing the line ending with "=J1" in the Cinderella.lax file (in the Cinderella installation directory) to end with "=J2 J1".

Q4.6: [V1.2, Windows] Cinderella will not start on some Windows versions.

A4.6: This is due to an incompatibility of Windows with the Sun Java VM. You should be able to run Cinderella if you find the line ending with "=J1" in the Cinderella.lax file (in the Cinderella installation directory) and change it to end with "=MSJ". This will enable the use of the Microsoft Java Virtual machine. If this is not installed on you computer you can download a recent version at http://www.microsoft.com/java.

Q4.7: [Mac OS X] There seems to be no installer for Mac OS X.

A4.7: The version of Cinderella we are shipping currently does not include a native Mac OS X installer. However, you can use Cinderella without having to switch to OS 9 or Classic mode using Terminal.app and the command line. Find the file cindy.jar and use the command "java -cp cindy.jar de.cinderella.Cindy" to run Cinderella. The next version of Cinderella will include a full installer for OS X.

5 Mathematics and Functionality

Q5.1: Why can I put a point on a Euclidean circle, but not on a hyperbolic or elliptical one?

A5.1: Cinderella cannot place points on arbitrary conics currently. Hyperbolic and elliptical Circles can be hyperbolas or other conics, and it is hard to decide how a point on that conic should behave when the conic changes. As a work-around you can draw a line through the center of the conic and use one intersection of that line with the conic. Euclidean circles are special, they never become hyperbolas, and thus we could add special support for points on Euclidean circles.

Q5.2: Can I do calculations with angles and distances? Can I transfer angles to distances or vice-versa?

A5.2: No, not yet. The next version of Cinderella will support this.

Q5.3: Is there support for macros or scripts?

A5.3: No, not yet. The next version of Cinderella will support this.

6 Troubleshooting

Q6.1: [MacOS] Cinderella crashes my Computer when I try to print a construction or gives Out of Memory errors, but I have enough memory assigned to it. What is wrong?

A6.1: Raise the preferred size for the MRJ in the application info. This might help (if not, please mail to faq@cinderella.de).